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Fixtures and preparations:

  • Hydraulic centering preparations
  • External and internal mechanical centralizers
  • Manual beveling preparation K
  • Manual beveling preparation U
  • External and internal preheating burners PB
  • Tent roofs covering welding workplaces during the installation of piping
  • Assembly pipe supports


  • Segmented knee pipes up to DN1500 mm
  • Heat exchangers
  • Straight welded transition pipes for gas pipelines
  • T 90o welded adapting pipes
  • Weld-on bottom boards
  • Isolation plates under slides and spherical cocks
  • Upright steam trap
  • Horizontal steam trap
  • Sliding supports starting with DN 175
  • Welding arcs
  • Steel thermometer well to be screwed in
  • Weld-on pipe sockets
  • Blind flange
  • Testing vessel for product pipelines