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Production profile

  • Long-distance gas pipelines with the largest piping diameters and the highest working pressures, distribution systems, including transfer and regulation stations
  • Long-distance product pipelines (oil pipelines, ethylene pipelines, commercial gas and other pipelines), including distribution systems and booster pump stations of all types and pressure ranges
  • Hot water pipelines that supply cities, towns and industrial compounds with hot water and steam and are fitted with booster pump stations and local distribution systems, including heat-exchange stations and customer service pipes
  • Construction of technological equipment and media distribution systems in the chemical and petrochemical industry, including tanks
  • Assembly, repair and reconstruction of specified gas and pressure equipment
  • Special work performed on underground tanks, including complete deliveries of technological components
  • Production of gas filters, liquid separators, heat exchangers for gas preheating, and pressure vessels
  • Production of steel structures